Music Man Reflex ”The Game Changer”


”The Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex enables players to unlock complete tonal control of their instrument, accessing over 250,000 pickup combinations without having to manually rewire anything (about 9,000 between four coils, and 250,000 for five coils). In the spirit of ensuring these tonal options are not diluted in any way, the audio signal from both of these instruments remains analog, and is never digitized or modeled in any way. This provides for a completely transparent analog signal path, which will make even the most exacting audio purist smile.

In addition to the options that owners of these instruments have at their disposal, they also have access a website dedicated to users of The Game Changer. Owners can create, save and share their tonal configurations with the rest of the world.”

17.999 kr

Säljes av: Musikbörsen Jönköping

E-post: Telefon: 036-39 29 70