Vintage-Guitars VINTAGE V6 24 ELECTRIC

Saknar du 1980-talet?

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The Vintage ReIssued Series V6M24BK has been conceived, designed and constructed with the requirements of the modern player in mind.

A 24 fret neck and a pair of high output Wilkinson WHHB Double Coil pickups equip the guitar an abundance of harmonic capabilities, making it tailor made for fusion legato lines and high gain rock lead. The twin pin Wilkinson VS50IIK vibrato bridge provides individual fine-tuning of the intonation of each string, whilst maintaining unerring return-to-pitch accuracy, so you can express yourself in your playing safe in the knowledge that your tuning is protected.

Whether you’re searching for your first guitar or your last, every member of the Vintage ReIssued Series is a keeper. Play on.

Kropp: Amerikansk Al

Hals/Greppbräda: Lönn/Lönn

Mensur/Band: 5,5″/648mm, 24 band

Pickups: 2 x Wilkinson Humbucker

Stall: Wilkinson VS50IIK

Färg: Daytone Yellow