Vintage-Guitars VINTAGE VS6 GUITAR W

Elgitarr med Vibrola svajstall och två humbuckers.

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Elgitarr med Vibrola svajstall och två humbuckers

 The VS6 is one of the most popular guitars in the Vintage® range due to its stunning looks, excellent playability (thanks to its ingenious offset heel design) and awesome tones via authentic-recipe Wilkinson MWVC double coil pickups.

The VS6V encapsulates all those great features with the added bonus of a Wilkinson-designed Vibrola tailpiece, which offers unparalleled return-to-zero performance every time.

Kropp: Mahogny

Hals/Greppbräda: Mahogny/Lignum Rosa

Mensur/Band: 24,75/22

Pickups: Wilkinson® MWVC

Stall: Wilkinson® Vibrola

Färg: Cherry red