Dbx 160A

Since its introduction in the mid 1970’s, the dbx 160 series has been the world’s most popular line of audio compressors.

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Since its introduction
in the mid 1970’s, the dbx 160 series has been the world’s most popular line of
audio compressors. After the classic 160 (which is still used daily in many
world class studios), came the 165, the 160X and the 160XT. The 160X/XT were
the models that truly became the industry standard. Solid construction, fool
proof operation, great sound, at-a-glance metering and a bulletproof output
stage all contributed to its popularity with musicians, recording studios,
consultants and installers, and broadcast media production people alike.

The dbx®
160A is a legendary dbx® 160 family of compressor/limiters. The same classic
sound, easy set-up and no compromise metering is now married to an improved
signal path and stronger chassis design. The result is industry standard
compressor/limiter which is digital-ready and road tough.

switch-selectable OverEasy® and Hard Knee compression curves along with
extremely wide-ranging threshold, ratio and output controls, the dbx 160A is up
to any task. True RMS level detection provides the most natural-sounding
dynamics processing available, from subtle compression to “brick
wall” peak limiting. Choose low ratios and OverEasy® compression to
transparently smooth out fluctuating vocal and instrumental levels. Or use the
160A’s Hard Knee compression and high ratios (up to and beyond :1 and over 60dB
gain reduction) for bombproof protection against overload distortion in digital
recording, P.A. systems and broadcast signals. The 160A is fully compatible
with +4/-10dB and balanced/ unbalanced systems, and its electronically balanced
output stage is an outstanding line driver for long cable runs (an output
transformer is optional). The 19-segment, switchable input/ output LED metering
can be easily calibrated to any operating level. 12-segment gain reduction LEDs
provide precise analysis at a glance.

The dbx®
160A’s unique “INFINITY +” inverse-compression mode actually
decreases the audio output level below unity gain when the input exceeds
threshold, a real lifesaver for correcting overbearing vocal choruses and
controlling runaway house mix levels. A detector input can be used with an
equalizer for de-essing sibilant vocals and selectively smoothing out boomy
notes on acoustic guitar and bass. And two 160As can be stereo-coupled to
process an entire mix or instruments mic’d in stereo, without shifting the
left/right image. Its musical sound, easy operation and unequaled versatility
made the original dbx® 160 a world standard. The 160A follows that tradition,
while meeting the challenges of a digital world.ent in the mix, or overall
characteristics of 4 independent signals or control the gain leveling on a
couple of stereo pairs, the dbx 160A is for you.


  • OverEasy® or classic hard knee
    compression with dbx’s® ultra-musical program dependent attack and release
  • Compression ratio variable from
    1:1 through infinity :1 to negative compression
  • Precision dual RMS LED display
    monitors input or output and gain reduction over a wide range and
    calibrates for different operating levels
  • Over 60dB of gain reduction
  • Exclusive Infinity+ compression
    allows negative compression
  • Independent balanced and
    unbalanced outputs can drive 600 loads to +24dBm simultaneously.
    floating balanced output stage drives any load
  • Optional
    output transformer capable
  • Strappable with another 160A
    for true RMS stereo summing operation