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The best
audio editor
WaveLab offers a wide variety of specialized editing functions. Both
destructive and non-destructive editing are available, allowing you to choose
which is more appropriate for your project. High-resolution spectral editing
allows you to precisely target certain frequencies and see unwanted noises, to
very neatly remove them.
Mid/side processing allows you to make very creative, highly effective
enhancements to stereo tracks. You can also edit the just the left, just the
right or both channels of a stereo track at once.
WaveLab includes a large selection of plug-ins for audio processing, you can
seamlessly use third-party VST plug-ins and even integrate external effects
devices to extend its capabilities. Error detection and correction can be
carried out within WaveLab and all editing functions are carried out via a
highly intuitive user interface, with tools arranged in a very clear and
meaningful way.