Yamaha MODX6+

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With its 61 keys, the MODX6+ is a compact and portable Music Synthesizer specially designed for keyboardists who want to realise multi – layered and dynamic sounds – to stand out on every stage, studio, or stream

MODX+ is powered by MONTAGE technologies like the Sample based AWM2 SynthesisEngine (Advanced Wave Memory 2) and a pure FM-X Synthesis Engine (Frequency Modulation)for amazing sound playback and complex sound design.

News features compared to previous MODX

MODX+ extend internal flash memory from 1GB to 1.75GB for your own custom Samples or Synth Libraries.

MODX+ features 128-note stereo AWM2 polyphony and 128-notes of FM-X polyphony.This allows more playability and capability of sound design.

MODX+ has rubber coated Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend Wheels – same as MONTAGE’s