Warm Audio Centavo

Warm Audio

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Guitar Overdrive/Boost Pedal

Warm Audio Centavo är en exakt reproduktion av en av de mest eftertraktade overdrive-pedal från 90-talet och framåt. Oavsett om du är ute efter den mytomspunna rena boosten, den tranparenta overdriven eller om du vill driva den riktigt hårt  – så har Centavo det älskade soundet från originalet. Dessutom har Warm Audio Centavo det legendariska ”MOD-läget” eller ”Jeff Beck Mod” valbar på baksidan. När den är i ”upp”-läget förstärks de låga frekvenserna vilket ger ett fetare sound.

Centavo har soundet från originalet och ger dig en autentiskt legendarisk pedalupplevelse.

An accurate recreation of the most sought-after overdrive experience of the 90’s and beyond. When there’s a guitar pedal that contributes to the shared legacy of guitar legends from Jeff Beck to James Hetfield, it’s bound to be one of the most sought-after overdrive sounds of all time.

Whether you’re after the fabled clean boost tones, transparent overdrive, or you want to push your dirty channels to true grit – the Centavo has all of the adored tones of the vintage box. In addition, the Warm Audio Centavo also has a ”MOD” switch on the back that when in the ”up”position, engages the infamous ”Jeff Beck Mod”, extending the low end response on the lower guitar strings by changing the value on the high pass filter.

Great for Clean & Dirty Amps:

Whether you’re boosting for solos, blending clean and gain, or pushing a dirty amp, the Centavo has all the tricks of the original mythical beast.

Two Modes With Authentic Controls:

The Centavo has three simple controls on the front panel – gain, treble, and output, just like the original. The Warm Audio Centavo also has a MOD switch on the back panel, extending low end response to get that desirable “throaty” sound on the lower strings.

Faithful Recreation Of The Original Circuit:

To achieve the true-to-original overdrive tone, Centavo uses carefully selected components including TL072 op amps and premium diodes that deliver those signature clean boost, edge-of breakup, and hard clipping sounds.

Unapologetically Authentic:

True to the vintage pedal design, the Centavo circuit is housed in a custom-cast golden enclosure with carefully tapered oxblood tone knobs.

Quality Assurance in Austin TX:

Like all Warm Audio gear, the Centavo is meticulously tested and inspected by real guitar players and trained technicians in Austin, TX USA.

Tech Specs

– Faithful Recreation Of The Original Klon Centaur Circuit

– Premium Components Including TL072 Op Amps, vintage-style diodes, Carbon + Metal Film Resistors, and Charge-Pump Voltage Regulator 

– Buffered Bypass Operation

– Gain, Treble, and Output Controls

– MOD Switch on Rear For Extended Low-End Response

– Custom-Cast Golden Enclosure With Accurately Tapered Oxblood Knobs

– 1/4″ Input (Inst) And Output (Amp) Jacks