Blackstar ID:Core BEAM – 20w 2 x 3″ Stereo Digital Combo – Bronco Grey

Perfekt liten kombo för hemmet.

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The ID:Core BEAM is the first Blackstar product with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. The hi-fi quality playback of your MP3s through the ID:Core BEAM will redefine what you can expect from a multifunctional product and with Super Wide Stereo the sound will fill the room.

With two bass, six electric guitar, two acoustic and two acoustic simulator Voices, and with a sealed and ported cabinet construction for optimum bass response and stereo definition, the ID:Core BEAM is the ultimate musician’s amp for the home.

Wattage: 20W

Inputs: 1 guitar input, 1 MP3/Line In (plus also a Bluetooth connection)

Controls: Voice, Gain, Volume, ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), (Modulation, Delay, Reverb and Distortion effects), Effects Level, MP3/Line Input, Speaker Emulated Output & Headphones, Bluetooth and Tap Tempo

Channels: N/A (6 electric voices, 2 bass voices, 2 acoustic voices, 2 acoustic simulator voices)


Speaker Size: 2 x 3″

Speaker Rating: 10W


Weight: 3.9KG

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 291mm x 202mm x 166mm