Roland RDH-102A

Dubbel kick!

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The Roland RDH-102A helps V-Drums users keep acoustic noise and vibration in check without
sacrificing playability. This professional double pedal delivers top-level
performance and feel with dual-chain drives, smooth bearing hinges, and
self-aligning beaters. And with onboard noise-reduction features derived from
Roland’s acclaimed Noise Eater technology, the RDH-102A reduces in-room playing
noise and minimizes vibration transfer that can bother housemates and neighbors
in adjoining rooms and floors below.

  • Heavy-duty double kick drum
  • Acoustic noise-reduction
    features derived from Roland’s Noise Eater technology
  • Dual-chain
  • Smooth
    bearing hinges
  • Self-aligning
  • Compatible with Roland kick
    trigger pads that support double pedals